What is Priority?

Priority is an ERP solution that has been in use since 1986 but has been recently updated using .NET to a full HTML5 user interface. In other words, fully web-enabled and optimized for all browsers. It is used by SMB East Manufacturing ERP, Distribution, Service-Based companies, as well as Public Entities, and is easy to learn and use and has a very low Total Cost of Ownership. The rich user interface is truly unique, intuitive and consistent and that reduces the learning curve allowing a user to get up to speed quickly with Priority. Automate your business process with best ERP for manufacturing software easily access transparent and accurate reports with BC System Inc. for quick decision.

Priority Is Easy to Learn and Use

With an easy-to-use interface, Priority is easy to learn whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Priority Overview Video

Priority Video – Overview of Priority Rich User Interface (6 mins.)

Highly Configurable

Priority is configurable to meet your needs.

Cloud Enabled

BC’s Priority CloudERP is an HTML5 optimized platform that runs Priority on a fast, dependable and secure platform.

Training Videos Available

Videos are available on YouTube that review Priority in the new HTML5 (Rich Interface).

Priority Includes Priority Lite

Priority Lite provides a simple menu-driven version of your data to be presented to mobile smart phone and tablet users as well as a customer-facing portal that is secure and simple to use. Priority Lite uses all of the same data, but different screens to simplify the mobile experience.

Eye-catching reports


Priority BI Report Generator creates eye-catching reports in any level of detail or summary that you choose.

The Ad Hoc generator is easy enough for most users to create their own reports.

Priority Is Fully Browser-Based (HTML5)

Priority is a full-featured, easy to learn and use browser-based ERP system with a low Total Cost of Ownership. Contact us for a further information on ERP Systems or a full demo by using the “Contact Us” at the bottom of this page. You can read the article “4 Ways That Cloud ERP Enables for Manufacturing Growth” by clicking on the Article button below.