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BC Systems, Inc. specializes in browser-based ERP solutions and progressive technology consulting for small to medium size businesses (SMBs) with $5 to $100 million in annual revenue, as well as for public entities.

Our expertise is in designing and implementing highly-configured, integrated business management solutions based on browser technology that help companies better manage their internal resources in order to reduce costs and maximize profitability. Our objective is always to build long-term relationships and we have been doing so since 1984 (as BC Computers, Inc.)

For years, our executive management team helped pioneer the use of cloud-based solutions in fast-growing SMB businesses, recognizing early on the affordability and flexibility of these systems. Today, we’re helping other SMBs embrace cost-effective, robust cloud technology and revamp their operational processes into a more forward-thinking, scalable management system. The result? A level of transparency and efficiency that can make all the difference in our increasingly competitive global economy.

Our team not only lives small business – we have hands-on experience setting up web-based systems, and personal insight into the challenges of SMB Manufacturers, Distributors, and Service-based companies. That’s why we’re proud to provide innovative and affordable web-based technology and practical general management solutions to help you reduce your costs and maximize your profits.

Your Business : Our Priority

Priority ERP from Priority Software offers tremendous power, ease of use, and a TCO that is truly affordable for SMB manufacturers, distributors, service-based companies, as well as public entities.

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