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Priority ERP – Game Changer

Priority ERP, Company overview, System demo, highlights and unique features, Workflow, ERP to Excel, ERP Mobile Apps.Priority ERP, Company overview, System demo, highlights and unique features, Workflow, ERP to Excel, ERP Mobile Apps.

Priority ERP The Real Game Changer System demo, highlights and unique features

Priority ERP, Company overview, System demo, highlights and unique features, Workflow, ERP to Excel, ERP Mobile Apps.

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Cloud ERP Enables Manufacturing Growth

While we have all heard how Cloud ERP has changed things for many company types, we have also heard that, in many cases, manufacturing is not one of them. This is changing as older , more traditional manufacturing companies are starting to understand the merits more clearly. In years past, many manufacturing companies were just that,  “a manufacturing company”. Today, many manufacturing companies in the US are also B2C, distribution and service companies as well. Many engineer, manufacture, sell and service their products to a wide variety of channels. This has changed the landscape dramatically for what their ERP needs are. If you click on the following link, this article covers some of the changing landscape that we are referring to, and how the manufacturing environment’s understanding of Cloud ERP is changing and morphing. One of the primary drivers here is the need for more customer-centric approaches to business, whether manufacturing or otherwise. Customer service is the name of the game in all business sectors and it will take a much more focused approach to get it right as we move forward in this global economy.

HTML5 CloudERP – The New Way to Run

HTML5 has held a lot of promise for a number of years. It is the preferred method for delivering rich applications to a web-browser but leaving the heavy lifting to the server. The main benefits are first, the application can run much faster than you would ever think it could over a browser, and second, it looks like it is a client/server application with many of the same features because the user interface is so rich.

Priority has changed the game by using an HTML5 User Interface that looks a bit like Salesforce, except for being iERP rather than CRM. Like Salesforce, Priority has found that balance between great functionality and ease of use that is so important in any modern application. Users will find Priority V17.2 to be very friendly and consistent throughout the entire application. The key here is to keep the more difficult aspects of the program in sub-screens rather than on main screens. This way, the power users can still get at it, but newbies really do not even see it unless they know where to go get it. This is one of the key factors any company should look at when considering a new ERP solution. How quickly can my users become functional on the solution? Is it hours, days, weeks, or months. As TEC Evaluations reported, Priority V17.2 is hours. Most systems are weeks if not months, and even sometimes years.

Priority V17.2 – CloudERP As It Should Be

Priority V 17.2 is a new upgrade that adds a few more very significant features to our CloudERP solution. The main page is optimized for fast navigation and keeping multiple windows handy for the user. It also adds the ability (as per last post) to memorize documents for you to reduce your search times greatly. If you have ever worked with Salesforce for CRM, you will be able to navigate Priority quite easily. It is fully web-browser based and is fully HTML5 for the user.

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