Manufacturers face several challenges with inventory control, some of which include

Balancing Inventory Levels

Holding enough inventory to meet demand while minimizing excess inventory not to tie up capital and storage space and prevent lost sales through stockouts.

Managing Inventory Accuracy

Ensuring accurate inventory records while dealing with complex supply chains and multiple inventory locations.

Controlling Inventory Costs

Minimize inventory holding costs while ensuring sufficient inventory levels.

Managing Slow-Moving Inventory

Avoiding slow-moving or obsolete inventory that ties up capital and storage space.

Efficiently manage your inventory with Priority Software’s inventory control module


Efficiently manage inventory levels and address common inventory control issues with a comprehensive inventory control module

Deliver on Time, Every Time

Efficiently manage your product lifecycle with real-time data analysis, inventory control, and order fulfillment to meet current and future needs. This includes minimizing excess stock, maintaining adequate stock levels to improve service, and handling part management, BOM, inventory and cycle counts, label printing, warehouse control, inventory transactions, and delivery tracking with unlimited warehouses and bins.

Priority’s Inventory Control Module Streamlines Inventory Management

Transform Your Manufacturing processes with Cutting-Edge ERP Technology

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