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Cross Browser Compatible & Transaction Memory

With the newest version of Priority V17.2, not only can you use whatever browser you want, but another new feature is the ability for Priority to remember the documents you have worked with. How many times have you worked on a Sales Order or Job Order and had to return to it many times over the course of a few days. Priority will remember these for you each time you update any filed in the document. Sounds simple enough, which it is, but the power of this to reduce your search time is really quite significant since it eliminates the need to remember the document numbers. I don;t know about you, but with all the details I deal with daily, it is getting harder to remember all these document numbers!

Priority ERP – Short Highlights Video

This short video highlights (in 36 seconds) the primary strengths of Priority ERP. One of the things that really stands about Priority is it’s full functionality combined with an easy to learn and simple to use User Interface. TEC Evaluations reviewer, Ted Rohm, said it this “The solution is delivered with an intuitive and rich UI, after only hours with the system, it felt like one could work across the entire system with ease. This ease of use starts with the home page, reaches down to the system forms, is enhanced with the global search tool, and comes full circle with the powerful dashboard.”

He went on to say “Operations looking for an ERP solution that competes with large, big-name vendor such as Microsoft, SAP and Oracle but at a better price will want to include Priority in the software selections process”

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