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Let’s review some basics about Priority

We have spent decades working with SMB (Small and Medium-Sized Businesses) manufacturers, distributors and service-based companies and learning what works for them and what does not. While small businesses may have different needs than medium-sized businesses, many are looking for ERP solutions with very high functionality. Powerful business ERP based software is great, but not when it is difficult to learn and use. What if you could find an online cloud ERP solution or an on-premise ERP solution that is easy to learn, unintuitive to use, and yet powerful under the hood? We have three words for you:

Simplicity, Clarity, Priority


Hassle-Free Solution

Today’s CIOs are no longer measured on operational efficiency or their ability to reduce costs. Today, they are equal business partners and an integral part of any organization. This means that CIOs must concentrate on an agile IT environment, with a focus on supporting the company’s growth and not supporting its existing IT infrastructure. Priority is the only ERP solution that does not require intensive on-going maintenance. Once implemented and deployed, whether the system is on-premise or in the cloud computing, upgrades, expansions or new functionality are quickly and seamlessly integrated.


Priority. Because we make ERP easier.

Lowest TCO

Priority Enterprise is characterized by its advanced flexible architecture, innovative data transformation tools and extremely high customization levels. The solution’s flexibility, rich set of APIs and development tools give our customers the agility to add or change functionality and processes without massive investments and long delays. All these factors eliminate the need for a dedicated IT team to support the system, resulting in a drastic decrease in operational costs. The result is an affordable ERP solution with a low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), that makes Priority Enterprise the most cost-effective ERP solution by far. You can run an ERP cost estimate from our ERP Calculator on our home page.

Unified Management

Priority Enterprise Application was designed to answer the unique challenges of corporations that operate in a multi-company/ multi-site/ multi-currency environment. Modular and gradual implementation is smooth, enabling you to add new sites or companies as the need arises. Thanks to system flexibility, you can retain a high level of independence for each company and still keep control over the corporation.

Executive reports allow upper management to extract and analyze high-level data in various views, reflecting the company’s situation in real-time.

The Personal Touch

When you choose Priority, you are not just choosing an ERP solution: You are choosing to work with a partner that gives first priority to your satisfaction and success. We care about our customers, and we listen to them. As an Enterprise customer, you will benefit from VIP treatment, the ability to influence future developments, and a service level unmatched by other giant software vendors.

Priority Software and BC Systems are dedicated to changing the way SMB stake-holders relate to their ERP solutions.

Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phones

Choose your devices for any location in your company, including remote locations. Priority runs on all flavors of desktops, laptops, tablets or smart phones.
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