Cloud ERP Enables Manufacturing Growth

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Uncategorized

While we have all heard how Cloud ERP has changed things for many company types, we have also heard that, in many cases, manufacturing is not one of them. This is changing as older , more traditional manufacturing companies are starting to understand the merits more clearly. In years past, many manufacturing companies were just that,  “a manufacturing company”. Today, many manufacturing companies in the US are also B2C, distribution and service companies as well. Many engineer, manufacture, sell and service their products to a wide variety of channels. This has changed the landscape dramatically for what their ERP needs are. If you click on the following link, this article covers some of the changing landscape that we are referring to, and how the manufacturing environment’s understanding of Cloud ERP is changing and morphing. One of the primary drivers here is the need for more customer-centric approaches to business, whether manufacturing or otherwise. Customer service is the name of the game in all business sectors and it will take a much more focused approach to get it right as we move forward in this global economy.


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